MESSAGES Chairman's Message

In Bangladesh thousands of people die due to poverty, ignorance, hunger, malnutrition and lack of Medical facilities. In our Country the Doctor population ratio, is below the standard level of WHO. The development of health sector by combined effort of public and private sector is the present policy of our Government. Central Medical College will help our Governments in this regard to mitigate this problem.Our Central Medical & Hospital is a private Teaching. cum-Healthcare delivery institution. Establishment of such an institution will help to develop the existing Condition.

Our Medical College has been established to respond to global changes happening in Medical education and Technology and bring positive changes in the present deterioration health care delivery system. The ultimate goal is to make our population a healthy and productive force. A good number of brilliant and promising students fail to get chance in medical colleges due to limitation of seats in Gov't Medical Colleges. This institute will help those students to avail this opportunity.

This program will give a good profile of student in technical field by providing opportunity for the better performance in Medical Education in separate cell in each Department with good facilities for Medical graduates who can give more time in this field.

In this college the students are valued and we will assist, support and advice every student with proper counseling, guidance to solve their academic problems. All efforts are being made to attract the students to their places for learning and modern teaching methods will be extensively used by the teachers for imparting lessons.

It is our first effort. In future more efforts will be made to enrich the different wings of health sector, when the institute will be developed for this purpose.

We heartily thank the Ministry of Health & Family welfare for giving our Central Medical College Final approval to commence academic activities from the session 2004-2005. We pray to Allah, the almighty for its success.

Dr. Syed Abdullah Mohd. Taher Ex. M.P